Dear readers,


I’m excited to introduce to you Josephine’s Letter, an e-letter that will debut this Sunday, Jan 31, 2016!


Through these letters, I’ll be sharing with you books I’m reading, notable quotes I come across, interesting articles, podcasts, or videos from around the web, as well as updates from this blog. Essentially, it’s a personally curated reading enjoyment just for you–(subscribers only. Sign up to get the letters!)–delivered straight to your inbox.


Also, it is a way for me to hear from you–your ideas and thoughts on the topics included in the letters–so we can build a community of readers and thinkers.


I need your help! To receive these letters, you need to fill out the sign up sheet here:




Important: If you follow to this blog via WordPress (i.e., you clicked +Follow through WordPress), you’d still need to fill out the form above. I will be deactivating the WordPress subscription feature soon, so make sure you sign up to get all the updates! These letters will be much more customized and eye-pleasing than the WordPress emails, I promise.


If you’ve subscribed with email to this blog, then you’re all set!


The first edition will come out this Sunday, so look for it in your inbox then!


Thank you and happy reading,




P.S. I have not decided how frequent the letters are going to be, but right now I’m starting with 1-2 per month. I’ll change that in the future based on your feedback, of course.


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