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Le cri de l’été

En paix, en temps de tranquillité, c’était mon désarroi

En aisance et sûreté, c’était ma ruine

Trois saisons et une

Je me lamente sur celle-ci plus que les trois

Ne l’ai-je pas vu ?

Le fardeau était un présent

Dans la fournaise, j’étais béni

L’adversité m’a mis sur les eaux

Où est-ce que la main de l’Éternel ?

Celle a été tendu pour me délivre

Où est-ce que son voix ?

Réconfortant, il soumet ma peur

Le vent chahuteur, les eaux écrasantes

L’été est fini

Au secours, Seigneur !

Hello and Goodbye

Bright sunshine backdropped the moment of hello

Breezy mornings, easy smiles

Yet red was the color of evening

Even more dreadful was the black that blankets the night

I spoke and found a rushed answer

Was that a goodbye?

I guess so long, fair-weather friend

Patience and Courage

Patience as well as courage has its victories. By meekness under trial, no less than by boldness in enterprise, souls may be won to Christ. The Christian who manifests patience and cheerfulness under bereavement and suffering, who meets even death itself with the peace and calmness of an unwavering faith, may accomplish for the gospel more than he could have effected by a long life of faithful labor. Often when the servant of God is withdrawn from active duty, the mysterious providence which our shortsighted vision would lament is designed by God to accomplish a work that otherwise would never have been done.

Let not the follower of Christ think, when he is no longer able to labor openly and actively for God and His truth, that he has no service to render, no reward to secure. Christ’s true witnesses are never laid aside. In health and sickness, in life and death, God uses them still. When through Satan’s malice the servants of Christ have been persecuted, their active labors hindered, when they have been cast into prison, or dragged to the scaffold or to the stake, it was that truth might gain a greater triumph. As these faithful ones sealed their testimony with their blood, souls hitherto in doubt and uncertainty were convinced of the faith of Christ and took their stand courageously for Him. From the ashes of the martyrs has sprung an abundant harvest for God.

– Ellen G. White, Acts of the Apostles p. 465

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