Christ and My Career

Christ and My Career

Sharing an interview I did with ECKCM on Christ and My Career where I reflect on my career choices and faith.

Best Books of 2021

Best Books of 2021: Part 1

The first installment of my best books of 2021. Better late than never! Featuring social issues, nature, and science.

Sabbath in the Time of Corona

Sabbath in the Time of Corona

In 2020, nebulous days, weeks, and months speed through us like a haze. Is there an antidote? I think so: Sabbath in the Time of Corona.

Best Books of 2020 Part 2

Best Books of 2020: Part 2

The second installment of my best books of 2020. Featuring incredible books on race relations, history, and my favorite subject, the Sabbath.

Children's Books That Celebrate Differences

My Favorite Children’s Books That Celebrate Differences

Raise antiracist kids. Embrace our diverse colors and cultures. Read these children’s books that celebrate differences.

Lifelong learning from books, people, and the world.

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