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For the fifth installment of my favorite children’s books, I’m focusing on children’s books that celebrate differences. With the ongoing racial reckoning in the United States that finds its echoes globally, it behooves parents to be acutely intentional with the way we teach our children about humanity and the various colors and cultures we embody. Even young children can embrace negative racial stereotypes that we consciously or subconsciously hold. So while we fight any racist idea or thought within ourselves, we need to also impart better values in our children.


One of the best ways to raise antiracist kids is by diversifying their reading selections. For example, pick up books by diverse authors, books that have diverse characters and graphics, stories that tell counter-cultural stereotypes. Have books that have diverse heroes–characters that center the story line that come in different colors and from different cultures. Also, read books with characters that your kids can see themselves in, not just as token characters, but as characters that truly represent who they are and how they do life.


We need to do better. I need to do better. And better is never inevitable; it always takes effort and work. Let’s do this together!


For an adult version of antiracist books, see this Reading Guide to Antiracist Books.

I think this is my new all-time favorite book. The Day You Begin is poetic, beautifully illustrated, and most importantly, teaching the very important lesson to open up and share the gift of who you are with the world. My younger self could really use this lesson, as well as my present self.

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Written by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who has grown up with diabetes, this book tells the stories of kids with different abilities, with their challenges, and with their particular gifts of going through the world.

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One Big Heart is written from a Christian worldview. This fun book celebrates differences and the commonality in all of us–one big heart.

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Be Kind is an inner reflection of a child on What does kindness look like? And on the power of that kindness to each recipient.

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For any child who may think that they don’t matter, You Matter!

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What are your favorite children’s books that celebrate differences? 

Children's Books That Celebrate Differences

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