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Hi, I’m Josephine, a chemical engineer by day, a bookworm and blogger by night. On this blog, I share my learning journey from reading, observations, and life experiences.

About Josephine Elia

Originally from Indonesia and having lived in 6 states in the US, I now end up in the sprawling city of Houston. I have a serious case of bibliophilia, a deep desire to learn and understand the world, humanity, and myself. This motivates the posts I write on this website. I hold a B.S. degree from MIT and a PhD from Princeton University in Chemical Engineering, but I consider education as an interdisciplinary and lifelong pursuit.



Engineer. Bookworm. Learner. Writer.


Learning Philosophy


All the World’s a Classroom is a personal motto to remind myself that there’s something to glean from all nations, places, and people, which I access largely through books.


I believe that life is about learning, that education never stops, and that we need to always strive towards the betterment of ourselves, our work, and our relationships. I find it most thrilling when I meet like-minded people who strive to live the same way. If you are passionate about learning and reading, then I think we can be (blog) friends! Start here to get a feel of what the site is about.


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About Josephine Elia


Academic Publications

If you’re here from the Chemical Engineering community, please find the link to my list of publications below. Visit me on ResearchGate or Google Scholar for the full publications and citations profile.

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