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Hi, I’m Josephine, a chemical engineer by day, a bookworm and blogger by night. On this blog, I share my learning journey from reading, observing people, and life experiences. The central question I’m trying to answer is,

How to be wiser?

About Josephine Elia

I hail from Indonesia and am now based in the beautiful city of Boulder. I have a serious case of bibliophilia, a deep desire to learn and understand the world, humanity, and myself, which motivate the pieces I write on this blog. I hold a B.S. degree from MIT and a PhD from Princeton University in chemical engineering, but I consider education as an interdisciplinary and lifelong pursuit.

Engineer. Bookworm. Learner. Writer.


Learning Philosophy


All the World’s a Classroom is my personal motto–also the blog’s secret title–to remind myself that there’s something to glean from all nations, places, and people, which I access largely through books.


I believe that life is about learning, that education never stops, and that we need to always strive towards the betterment of ourselves, our work, and our relationships. I find it most thrilling when I meet like-minded people who strive to live the same way. If you are passionate about learning and reading, this is the place for you! Start here to get a feel of what the blog is about.


I usually publish new essays once or twice a month and always try to make them worth the valuable time you spend on this site. If you want to stay updated, sign up for my newsletter below. I send the newsletter monthly with reading recommendations, favorite quotes, and podcasts. You can sign up by entering your email here:


About Josephine Elia

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