A Reading Guide to Antiracist Books

A Reading Guide to Antiracist Books

A reading guide on antiracist books for those on a learning curve to be more conscious about race. Includes categories of topics and quotes.

Best Books of 2019: Part 1

Best Books of 2019: Part 1

The first round up of the the best books of 2019. It’s a mix of history and contemporary issues, as well as books on hope.

My Favorite Children's Books: Christian Edition

My Favorite Children’s Books: Part 4 (Christian Edition)

In this fourth installment of the series, I’m sharing my Favorite Christian Children’s Books. Also read about my criteria for the list.

Becoming: The Never-Ending Journey of Growing Up

Becoming: The Never-ending Journey of Growing Up

A reflection on life, growing up, and becoming. With wisdom from Maria Popova, Michelle Obama, and Marie Kondo.

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