It’s Time

The wooden board was shaking, but strangely you were able to sleep. In a distance, you could half-hear rumbles and grumbles, but your tiredness was more overwhelming than the noise, so you opted to just stay under the blanket. A crescendo of a certain thumping sound happened next, and here was your wake-up call,

“What are you doing here, you sleeper? Get up, and cry out to your God, so we don’t die!”

Your sleepiness vanished instantly when you saw the gravity of the situation. It looked like the wind was going to break the ship! You witnessed the terror on the face of men who would soon face death. The waves towered over the sails, angry thunders roared.

The thought dawned on you. Could this be…your fault?

You, who had been running away.

Someone wanted to cast lots. Maybe they would find the answer that way.

For a while you had been sleeping. People were dying, and somehow you slept. For a while you had been running away from destiny.

But now, the question is raised again, who will do the work? Who will finish the work?

The lot has been cast, and it falls on you.

It’s time to plunge deep into the water.

Sweet Sabbath

Thy coming brings sweetness to the air

Clouds of peace overwhelm my soul

And I am at rest

I lay aside grievous burdens

To bask in the glory of fellowship

Heaven and earth in perfect communion

And something magical happens inside me

The thought of you departing troubles my heart

Though our time together is ever memorable

Linger, please, I plead

But you must depart

Thankfully, for only a short season

So I go again, longingly

Until six sunsets pass, and we meet again


How is it

How is it

That we bask in comfort

While others gasp for air

At the edge of the cliff

Between death and life


How is it

That we fuss over petty things

While some hearts beat furiously

Fleeing the rush of that

Which the earth spews


How is it

That we nurse selfish ambitions

While many are robbed from choice

No luxury of thinking about tomorrow

Only to not drown now


O dear God

Give us eyes that see

Heaven’s view of earth’s distress

Give us the heart that feels

The anguish of our brothers


Help our lives today

Be a soothing balm for Your pain

If I could by my way

Bring a smile to Your face


Dedicated to those affected by the recent tsunami and on-going volcanic eruptions in Indonesia.