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If you love books and book reviews, these websites are excellent resources to find new reading materials.


  1. The New York Times > Books

I love the NYT! More often than not, I get that satisfied feeling after reading its well-written articles. NYT reviews are, of course, highly esteemed, so you can get good quality picks from its various lists and reviews.


  1. Farnam Street Blog

This is the website of Shane Parrish, a writer and entrepreneur who calls himself a wisdom seeker. His posts have been featured repeatedly on TIME. His materials are excellent, focusing on books that teach you how to think and make decisions better. Of all the genres out there in the blogosphere, this is my favorite!


  1. The New Yorker > Books & Fiction

The Books & Fiction section of the New Yorker contains excellent, enlightening, and entertaining essays concerning books, the book culture, and related social issues. If you’re a bibliophile, this is a must-follow.


  1. The New Republic > Books

The New Republic’s Books section also contains essays and commentaries on various literatures.



I find their essays are more philosophical in nature. The website features reading materials that are not necessarily on the current best-seller lists, which is great.


“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood


  1. NPR > Books

Sometimes they have very interesting interviews.


If you’re looking for sites that review all kinds of genres, these feeds can be entertaining. They spread their nets wide, so the articles come in droves. It’s hard (and not necessary) to keep up with all of their posts, so pick and choose which ones will be worth your time!

  1. Omnivoracious

Amazon hosts this site, so it will always have the popular lists and easy access to the buying links.


  2. The Guardian > Books


I personally use Feedly to keep up with blogs and various news feeds. If you don’t have it already, try it! You can read unlimited NYT articles for free!!

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