Year in Review, part 3.

bloggingBecause I read a lot last year, I could write a lot. I had a personal target on the number of blog hits, and thanks to the endorsement of some popular friends, I surpassed that target by a few hundreds.

I write to clarify my own thought process. This blog, for example, is a repository of random reflections, and serves as a personal record of life events, sort of speak. I’m always thrilled when people can resonate with what I write—an added bonus, in my estimation.

I did two series in 2012 that I thought were definitive in terms of my worldview and perspective. One was on humanity, on being human, and being a global citizen, titled “A Child of All Nations,” and the other was a series of personal testimonies and how I perceived my life thus far, “This is My Story”. I was proud of these series, not because they were groundbreaking or anything, but because they represented the culmination of thought processes that had been simmering for a while. The posts associated with the two series are listed here.

A Child of All Nations

A Child of All Nations

Human Strudel

I’m Complicated, and So Are You

Which Mirror Tells the Truth?

Bird’s-eye View, Personal Secrets

If I Lived Then

This is My Story

The Richest Girl in the World

Lady Vera

The Person Inside

Unlikely Friends

My Father’s Legacy

The Highest Education

Teach Me to Dream

Blood is Thicker Than Wine

The One That Tops the List

And finally, the one I was most excited about was…

The Education of Jesus Christ

What I’ve observed in this writing experience is that the more personal I make the piece, the more popular it tends to be. Which is a bit strange for me, since I’d rather people be interested in my thoughts than in my life.

So I was particularly happy that The Education of Jesus Christ was the most popular post last year, again thanks to friends’ endorsement, because it encapsulated some of the most mind-blowing things I had reflected upon. The post was not about me; it was about Jesus.

2012 was a good blogging year.

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