Earlier this summer, the East Coast Korean Camp Meeting team kindly invited me to be part of a series of interviews called “Christ and My Career,” which I happily obliged. While I am not always the most eloquent when I share my thoughts on improv, I’d like to share the recording of the interview here because it may help readers of this blog navigate careers, especially if you are in the technical field.

Personally, this interview was a nice opportunity to summarize my evolution in terms of how I think about integrating my faith and career as an engineer. Some of the points covered in the interview are:

  • My background – where I’m from, ethnic background, and how the social context of my upbringing informed who I am.
  • How I chose my field of study
  • The guiding principles of how I make career decisions and life choices
  • Wisdom from parents
  • What chemical engineering is
  • What it means to live out my faith in a secular environment
  • Tips for those pursuing technical fields
  • The importance of mentorship


You can see the recording below or at https://www.eckcm.com/em-2021-recordings/#christ-and-your-career where you’ll find additional interviews with two other professionals. Thanks to Esther Kim and Jane Chung for this opportunity.

If you find this content helpful and would like to hear more about my career journey or career development in general, let me know! If there’s enough interest, I may create more content on professional development on the blog.


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