We came back to Buena Vista and were greeted by torrential rain. I wondered if our room was safe since there had been some leaks on a rainy night before.

Sure enough, when we got back, many people’s mattresses got soaked. One of the guys mattresses on the top bunk was so wet that the water dripped to the bottom mattress. The La Ermita and El Suyatal teams made it back safely, but the Agalteca team, which was farthest from Buena Vista, was still on the way. They were riding in the back of the truck too.

We prayed for them because if the river they had to cross overflowed, they would have to take another route to come back. That route would take another 3 hours.

Thankfully they made it back safely. They had a tarp in the truck that they used as a makeshift roof, and some of them had their rain jacket on because there had been light rain on the previous day.

It was a trying night for many, since finding dry spaces to sleep in was a challenge. Jessica slept on a table in our dining area. Gio slept in the aisle of the bus. As for my mattress, it was just a little damp. The bottom half of my sleeping bag was wet, so I crumpled myself in the top half. It was dry in the morning.

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