or, Passionate Creator

More on Romans 1:20 “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.

A job and a passion. Big difference. Tell someone with a job to stop what he’s doing, he’d be glad and relieved. But tell someone with a passion to stop what he’s doing, he’d look at you as if you came from another planet. Why? Because a job is what you do, but a passion is who you are.

The mundane job-vacation never-ending cycle just seems to be at odds with the human soul – it doesn’t fill it full. The drastic contrast between the longing for weekends and the dread for weekdays somehow embitters the soul, and many succumb to the force and become callous to life: It’s just the way it is

But one of the most beautiful and awesome moments in life is when that integration between who you are and what you do takes place. It’s like, you’ve finally become a whole person, a complete and entire being. The concept of work and vacation disappears, and you’d rather be working than sitting still. In fact, you can’t sit still anymore!

The question is, why is it so?

I believe that there’s a source to this phenomenon – it’s because we’re created in the image of One who’s an integrated Being.

You see, I absolutely love Romans 1:20, especially as someone who loves science! It says that as we look at the things that are seen, the creation of the world, as we understand the things that are made, we can see the invisible – we can see God. The question is, why is that?

The reason why we can see and understand God from the things that He makes, is because God puts Himself in the things that He does. Creation is not a job, it’s who He is. Salvation is not a job, it’s who He is. His character is everywhere; it’s revealed in all the things that He does (e.g., creation) and in the way that He does things (e.g., the way creation is). His character is in the fabric of things that He creates, interwoven with the way nature works.

In fact, this reaches its ultimate trueness in the Sabbath, the crowning jewel of creation. It’s no longer just an aspect of His character being reflected in created objects and beings, it’s straight up, full-blown God Himself in the fabric of time. He inserts Himself into the Sabbath, that mankind will not only look at a reflection of His character through creation, man would look at God Himself in His fullness! In Sabbath, we behold God as He truly is. Crazy!

There is no separation between who God is and what He does. God is fully integrated; He’s a passionate God.

In finding a passion, we are brought closer to God. When we experience that integration between the what and the who, we get a taste of what God experiences when He works. Our experience mirrors His and we are fulfilling what we are made to be – God’s image.

P.S. I feel like there’s so much more unearthed treasures to this …

P.P.S. This also makes clear to me why it is that “Every act of life is a revelation of character” (Education, p. 61). It’s because we’re God’s image…