As if this entry needs to be written. But I feel particularly inspired by the newly publicized collaborative book blog that I started with some special people. So here goes:

1. I like being taken to another world. It’s a form of escapism.

2. I like exploring the inside of someone’s head. Reading a book is like traversing through the maze that is the author’s mind and thought process. I find it fascinating to discover how people think.

3. I love the smell of new books.

4. I love buying books. So I have to read them too.

5. The voice of a book is gentler than any speaker, at least in my opinion. It always speaks at my pace.

6. Books don’t complain when I don’t get it the first time around, or second, or third…

7. Books are free from theatrics , which can sometimes be distracting when trying to learn in a lecture format. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter whether the author is uncharismatic. He/she has a second voice in writing.

8. I’m more open to ideas presented in a written format. If I didn’t have major problems in the first chapter, I’m willing to give it a fair hearing.

9. The way thoughts from multiple books form a (sometimes cacophonous) symphony in my mind is quite amusing.

10.  The fact that I’m always a different person by the time I get to the back cover than when I first start a book. Books change my life, everyday.

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